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Where can I buy Zopiclone online without a prescription?

You can buy Zopiclone (Limovan, Imovan or Datolan) online without a prescription here.


How long does my order of Zopiclone take to be delivered?

It usually take 6-8 days for zopiclone, limovan and imovan sleeping pills and tablets to be delivered to the UK and Europe and 8-10 days for the rest of the world.


How many sleeping pills and tablets can I order?

You can order as many as you like, with no need for a prescription.  It is always worth checking with your doctor before taking any sleeping pill medication.


Do you keep my details private?

We never share any of our customers details with any other parties.  We value you privacy and will never use your information for anything except for fufilling your orders.


Are your products genuine?

Yes, all our sleeping pills & tablet products are genuine and sourced from official pharmacies – we don’t sell copies or clones, these are the real products.


I have a problem with my order?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with an order, please get in touch with us as we strive to make our customers happy.


Why has my order not been delivered yet?

If your country does not allow medicine import, then your order package could be confiscated by the customs department and you may not receive it. If there are any errors on the part of the postal service during the delivery of your order, you may experience a delay receiving your medication. We will not be held responsible for any delay which is caused for any of the above mentioned reasons. If there is any other genuine reason, we will help you to trace your order.


Can you guarantee I will receive my order?

Yes. We always make sure that all our orders are dispatched on time and reach our customers within the specified delivery time limit. If for any reason your order is not delivered to you, contact us here and we will track your order and let you know the cause of the delay. If the cause for delay is a genuine one, we will refund your money, however, if the reason is due to wrong address, incorrect personal information or any country import law, we will not be liable for any refund.


Is it legal to purchase sleeping pills and tablets online?

Most countries in the world allow you to import medication for personal use. Some countries however have laws which make such an action illegal. Before making a purchase order, find out whether importing a medicine, even for personal use, is allowed in your country or not.


I have a question not covered here, how do I contact you?

Please get in touch using our contact form.


How can you charge such low prices for sleeping pills and tablets?

We can offer pharmaceutical products at such low prices because we order in bulk from our suppliers. We buy in large volumes and receive huge discounts which we transfer to our clients. This is how we are able to offer pharmaceutical products at an affordable price in today’s competitive market.


Why should I buy from sleeping-pills-direct.com?

Besides offering you FDA approved pharmaceutical products at incredibly low prices, we also ensure the complete privacy of all your personal information details. We ship the products you purchase in plain discreet packaging, making the actual contents within impossible to identify thus ensuring your privacy. No one will know of your medication purchase other than you, and we will not share any of your personal details with any third party under any circumstances. Your personal details will only be used for your order fulfilment.


Do I need a prescription to order sleeping tablets and pills?

No, we do not require you to submit any kind of prescription to buy our products. You can buy any product you think will suit your needs best, however, we do recommend you to consult your doctor about which dosage is best for you.